Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jane & Georgia's 3rd Brithday at Iris Cafe

Thanks to all who attended and the great folks at Iris Cafe for throwing a great party. (When was the last time a fresh-baked baguette and twin macaroons were the goodiebag at a toddler birthday?!)

For those of you who made donations in lieu of toy gifts, thank you. We've already raised a few hundred dollars for charity. If you haven't yet, why not just click through and give what you can? Every dollar counts. :)
And for those of you who brought gifts, thank you too. Don't worry. We won't return them. I've rented a storage space in New Jersey.

Make A Donation
Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls - Teaches girls of all ages how to rock.

Sunrise Day Camp - A day camp for children with cancer.

Spoons Across America - Teaches children about healthy food, nutrition and cooking.

The Great Toddler Donut Eating Contest

Check out the pics and be sure to comment below on your favorite dish served.

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  1. ruby's got a future as a competitive eater. watch out kobayashi!


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