Friday, February 27, 2009

Food Post: Buttermilk Channel's Pecan Pie Sundae

Ok, every now and then I'll post about a non-twin item...specifically because we take the very few moments that we are out without them very seriously. We like to make sure that wherever we go and whatever we eat is great. So, last night we hit Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens with Nazli for her birthday (yeah it was like 6 months ago). The meal was great and well-priced, but the dessert took the cake. 1 of the greatest desserts I've ever had...What you need to know is that when the pecan pie is mashed together to go in the cup, all these thick chunky chewy morsels of pie/crust/goo are formed. and they perfectly decompress in your mouth when u chew them. This is my new desSert island dish.

Behold, the Pecan Pie Ice Cream Sundae...

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