Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks to Everyone Who Made Our Birthday Fun!

Today, we turned 2 years old. When we got back from Trader Joe's a big balloon surprise from Chrissy was waiting for us. Then daddy baked us a Gooble cake. And we had a party at Ruby's house.


Birthday Fun

LuLu and PopArt send an early morning package, Twins and Margaux visit the Coney Island Aquarium, Chrissy comes over for Birthday Cake...

Happy Birthday Jane & Georgia

It's hard to believe it's been a whole year. It seems like time has passed so quickly and so slowly simultaneously. Jane & Georgia have had a great year. Jane "The Walker" took off early...learning to crawl and sprouting 4 teeth in a day. Georgia "The Talker" has a big vocab and finally figured out crawling just before turning 1. We know the fun will only increase in the 2nd year....and we can't wait.
In this site you will find tons of new photos and videos. Anything from before Fall '07 can still be found on the old site.
We'll try to keep this one updated.
-Alli & Seth

Jane & Georgia's Birthday Horoscope

(courtesy cafeastrology.com)

Your communications and mental output are more original and creative this year. In general, you are inspired--you are certainly getting in touch with the dreamier, more spiritual side of your nature. The ability to find a balance between optimism and practicality helps you to achieve your goals, however, and keeps you grounded. Your love life is transformed this year, and you stand to learn a lot about yourself and others. Some problems with impulsiveness are likely--physical outlets for excess energy will help.

Oy, we're in trouble...

Oh, and today's birthday is shared with Oprah, Tom Selleck and Jude Law. Fun!