Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009! Join Us As We Review 2008

There were 162 blog posts in 2008. We think we found the best. Take a look and try to figure out how the year went by so quickly. Today we remember how lucky we are to have what we have. And we also remember those who moved on in 2008. Take a look and don't forget to comment on your favorites...

The Top 10 Blog Posts (in chronological order)
Valentines Day
Wild West Party
Jewish Easter
Stratton Ski Weekend

Day in Long Island
Journey to Miami Beach
3 Little Ungers at the Playground
Great Stuff from August

Our Trip to the West Coast

October is About Friends
Best of the iPhone
Halloween Fun
Summer in December
Xmas Week in Brooklyn
(Yeah...there are really 14 here. Sorry, it was too hard to decide!)

The Top 10 Videos (all in 1 playlist)

Georgia's Photographs of 2008

We Will Remember...
Grandma Jaffin
Doug Rolter
Bent Werbell
Steve Scher
Donna Rock

We wish everyone an even better 2009.
-The Unger 4, Brooklyn, USA

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